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Administrator Experience

Adopting a reading intervention is a big step for any school or district. Initiating and sustaining a culture of growth is the key to a successful implementation. Reading Plus empowers you and your teachers by connecting rich assessment data to personalized digital learning and teacher-led instruction. From district leaders to classroom teachers to engaged students, Reading Plus provides the tools to support your culture of literacy.

Actionable Data

The Reading Plus report suite gives administrators a complete view of instructional growth, from the district down to the student level, to help guide recourse decisions.

Administrator Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard gives administrators a view into data at the school, class, and student level.

Administrator Reading Progress Report

The Reading Progress Report displays the recommended number of weekly lessons and places students into a personalized learning path.

Administrator Benchmark Report

The Benchmark Report helps teachers monitor each student’s progress over time.

Administrator Expected Growth Report

The Expected Growth Report helps predict student growth over time.

Support for EL Students

English learners (ELs) are the fastest-growing K-12 student population in the United States. EL students have varying degrees of exposure to the English language, making typical reading instruction difficult. Regardless of their native language literacy backgrounds, all ELs must develop and master English literacy skills to succeed in school.

EL students with basic English fluency skills can benefit from Reading Plus practice to develop silent reading fluency and critical reading capacity. Reading Plus offers customized support for EL students to meet them at their current skill level. Each student receives a personalized plan for success, allowing EL students to learn alongside their classmates. The program provides teachers with essential data to pinpoint skill gaps and monitor progress.

Reading Plus enhances English learning by incorporating systematic vocabulary use and repetition within texts. In addition, the program helps native Spanish-speaking EL students develop crucial reading skills by offering audio scaffolds in Spanish.

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Reading Plus aligns with the WIDA Standards Framework and is a WIDA-certified resource for use with English language learners.
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Easy Access. Always Private.

  • Ease of integration with existing student information systems and single sign-on platforms such as Clever and Google Classroom
  • Highest-level security systems for student data
  • Comprehensive support from Day 1 of implementation