Frequently Asked Questions

How does Reading Plus work?

Reading Plus uses HTML5 to support a media-rich, animated presentation style that does not rely on any browser plugins.

The program works on many modern browser and operating system configurations, as can be seen in the technical requirements.

What are the technical requirements to run Reading Plus?

Reading Plus technical specifications, including operating systems, browsers, screen resolution, and bandwidth can be found here for current Educator Management System and students. New Educator Management System (Beta) specifications can be found here.

What are the network considerations to run Reading Plus?

If you are using a Content Filtering solution, Web Caching Server and/or Proxy Server in your infrastructure, we require that you whitelist the following Domain Names:



If your filtering, proxy or caching service does not allow the use of wildcards for DNS entries, please contact our Customer Service department for further assistance.

Issues that require whitelisting may include, slow page loads, page freezing, white/blank web pages, or text only web pages. If you see any of these issues, consider temporarily disabling your content filtering, caching and/or proxy services to determine which solutions requires a whitelisting entry for Reading Plus.

We are experiencing freezing or slow response time. What can we do?

If the workstations appear slow or they freeze while students are on Reading Plus, consider the following:

  • Is the problem being experienced in one workstation, (and might be connected to the student’s particular usage), or is it experienced on several workstations?
  • Have the students closed all other programs, such as music, video, chat, or multiple web browsers?
  • Refresh the page:
    • Windows: ctrl + F5
    • Mac/Apple: command + R
  • Reload the browser by closing and reopening it.
  • Do the computers have all of the required hardware and software to run Reading Plus? Check the software and hardware requirements for Reading Plus 4.0.

Do the browsers or operating systems have an update that needs to be installed?

Our site uses nComputing® or a similar networked computer lab where many clients connect to a single server or host. Are there any concerns or problems I should be aware of?
Yes. NComputing® or networked computing solutions do pose some unique challenges. Typically, a server needs to have at a minimum 1 processing core per every four users and 1 GB of RAM per user connected in order for Reading Plus to perform adequately. It is also important to note that these are the Technical Requirements to run the Reading Plus program. These numbers do not include any additional RAM or Processor requirements needed to run the Operating System or any other applications your students are using in addition to the Reading Plus program. It is recommended to use Windows Server rather than Windows Professional for the Operating System of the Host machine. Beyond these considerations many of the client devices used for these types of set ups are NOT recommended for games, media, or streaming. Reading Plus is a media rich interactive software which runs similarly to a game or streaming media. Any client devices used must be built for these functions to work with Reading Plus. Please consult the manufacturer of such devices to learn more.
How will Reading Plus work with my security features? What about Windows group policy?

Make sure that Firewall settings do not block our website, and check that antivirus programs recognize that our URL as safe.

If possible, whitelist the domain for Reading Plus to ensure that filtering and caching servers are not filtering these addresses out and potentially affecting application performance and presentation quality.

You will need to whitelist a wildcard domain, use:


In regards to Windows group policy for Internet Explorer or Chrome Management for the Google Chrome browser, please make sure you are allowing cookies and temporary files from Reading Plus®, to be saved locally,as well as listing * as a trusted site in the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome web browser.

Why does Reading Plus require cookies?

The site code, a unique login code assigned to each school, is stored as a “cookie”. This allows the student to skip the site code entry screen each additional time they log into the Reading Plus application.

How do we import our students and/or teachers into the Reading Plus system?

In order to import data into Reading Plus, Administrators may import data into Reading Plus by preparing a comma-separated values (CSV) file or export a CSV file from your Student/Teacher Information System. To ensure successful importation please visit our imports page.

How can I check the status of Reading Plus?

We maintain a separate website for posting application status messages.  Please check here to see the current status of the application.

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