Reading Plus

Developing silent reading fluency and stamina

The essential, yet overlooked key to silent reading fluency and stamina
  • Reading begins with a physical skill—moving our eyes across lines of text.
  • Students who labor to read haven’t yet developed this physical skill.
  • These students spend their energy trying to process words, and fall behind in vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Physically efficient eye movement is essential to developing fluency and stamina.
  • Only Reading Plus develops the physical domain of reading.
Improving physical reading skills
Building vocabulary and comprehension skills

The dominant domain, too often misunderstood
  • Research shows vocabulary is the best indicator of text complexity.
  • Yet readability measures emphasize sentence length.
  • Text with shorter sentences can have a low Lexile level, even when its vocabulary is more appropriate for a higher level reader.
  • Reading Plus proprietary texts match students with the vocabulary level that allows them to build word knowledge and comprehension.
Match student readability and vocabulary level to build word knowledge and comprehension
Increase interest, confidence, and motivation in reading

Student interest drives confidence, motivation, and achievement
  • Research shows the critical link between higher student interest and higher performance.
  • When students are able to choose topics they’re interested in, they read more closely and carefully, which strengthens skills, improves comprehension, and increases motivation.
  • Reading programs that ignore student interests essentially guarantee a lower level of student engagement.
Students choose to read from high interest categories.

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Reading Plus opens the gateway to discovering reading as a source of knowledge, insight, and joy. The result is not just a better reader, but a lifelong reader.

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