We’re a team of passionate and experienced educators, researchers, technologists, designers and support specialists. We love coming to work every day to help teachers change students’ lives.

Mark Taylor, Chief Executive Officer

Mark Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Scannell, Chief Operating Officer

Kelly Scannell

Chief Operating Officer

Reinhold Lange, Vice President, Product

Reinhold Lange

Vice President, Product

Carrie Donovan, Vice President, Marketing

Carrie Donovan

Vice President, Marketing

Alexandra Spichtig, Chief Research Officer

Alexandra Spichtig, Ph.D.

Chief Research Officer

Randi Bender, Chief Content Officer

Randi Bender

Chief Content Officer

Rick Cusick, Chief Information Officer

Rick Cusick

Chief Information Officer

Jenny Eisenman, Director of Education

Jenny Eisenman

Director of Education

Michael Lascelles, Director of Customer Success

Michael Lascelles

Director of Customer Success