Reading Plus


We’re on a mission!

We aspire to change millions of students’ lives. We love coming to work every day, shining a light on students and teachers, and providing a product and service that contributes to the greater good.

Product Development

We’re architects, philosophers, designers, geologists, developers, engineers, guidance counselors, system administrators, UXers, project managers, agile gurus, and self-described geeks and tinkerers. We could work anywhere, making widgets, but we like making something that changes the world by changing students’ lives.


We have advanced degrees in education, instructional design, neuroscience, and physics. We use our expertise and respect for all things scientific to execute studies with schools and analyze data to make informed product enhancements.


We have decades of hands-on experience as writers, journalists, editors, and professors. We craft rich and creative content that engages, informs, and inspires students to build their knowledge about the world around them. We carefully blend creativity with data-driven precision to align our content with the Common Core Standards.


We’re teachers and administrators, marketing professionals, project managers, and customer support and relationship cultivators.  We’re your strategic partner, as well as your consultant for literacy and intervention solutions for your students.

Account Management

We are teachers with advanced degrees, administrators, coaches and advocates. We guide our clients, like a personal trainer, providing encouragement, motivation, and cheers so that they can implement our program with fidelity and their students can experience success.

Customer Service

We are experienced computer professionals and program specialists who are here to help teachers, administrators, and students. We have the skills and the know-how to support any facet of our program. We’re just a call or click away.