Reading Plus

Photo of ELL student and quote that says, "Reading Plus helped me improve my comprehension skills. So now–thanks to Reading Plus–I like reading."

ELL Students Who Use Reading Plus Achieve Gains 2x Larger


ELL students devote a disproportionate share of their cognitive resources to recognizing vocabulary rather than to comprehension. As a result these students often struggle with stamina, silent reading fluency, and especially comprehension.

  • Carefully calibrated, personalized silent reading practice
  • Reading Plus Guided Window provides a structured text display to make reading comfortable and productive
  • Appropriately leveled texts
  • Adaptive Comprehension Tasks


The research-proven way to increase ELL student achievement

Research shows that English language learners using Reading Plus for just 30 hours achieved increased reading rates and demonstrated an improved ability to comprehend more complex text over the course of a school year.

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International Community High School, Bronx, NY

Students at International Community High School in Bronx, New York use the Reading Plus assessment and intervention program to improve their silent reading rate, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Reading Plus is appropriate for English proficient and ELL students alike, providing differentiated and individualized instruction in the classroom, computer lab, or at home. This video demonstrates how motivated these students are to read more, create a better future, and improve their lives.