Reading Plus

Building Lifelong Readers: Video Transcript

Reading is the gateway to knowledge, insight, and joy. But for many students that gateway is never opened. They may show progress reading aloud, but when reading on their own they often struggle, fall behind, and lose interest in reading entirely.

So, what’s the problem? Why do some students struggle to read independently?

We all remember learning to read out loud. It was simple. First, sound out the letters, then form the words. Do this enough times to build your vocabulary and then move on to independent reading.

But the truth is, independent silent reading requires a very different skill set. Let’s take a closer look.

First, the student’s eyes scan the text. Then, the student thinks about the words and meaning. And finally, the student becomes interested and motivated to read more. But here’s the critical part. The student has to do all three simultaneously.

These are the three domains of reading:

  • Physical – developing silent reading fluency and stamina
  • Cognitive – building vocabulary and comprehension
  • Emotional – increasing interest, confidence, and motivation

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why students struggle to read independently. If their physical skills are weak, it doesn’t matter how good a student’s vocabulary is. They won’t be able to keep up.

And if a student’s comprehension skills are weak, they’ll lose confidence and get frustrated. This is true for students of all ages. Because, when a student reads independently they engage with all three domains of reading at the same time. And so should their reading instruction.

Only Reading Plus integrates these three domains into one personalized system. We build the physical skills essential for fluency and stamina, provide the texts to build vocabulary and comprehension, and tap into student interest to build confidence and motivation.

Reading Plus opens the gateway to discovering reading as a source of knowledge, insight, and joy. And the result is not just a better reader, but a lifelong reader.